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Animal Control

7209 Comanche Trail

Lake Worth, Texas 76135


Animal Shelter Office Hours:

Monday thru Friday - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Saturday - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Sunday - CLOSED

  1. Pet Adoption 
  2. Animal Problems?
  3. Owner Release
  4. Lost Your Pet?
  5. City Tags
  6. Be A Responsible Owner

Pet Adoption

It's relatively easy to adopt a pet from the Lake Worth Animal Shelter.  The shelter usually has a variety of wonderful pets to choose from and our Animal Control Officers would be more than happy tell you about our less-complicated adoption process.  Alternatively, you can contact the shelter by calling  and an Animal Control Officer will gladly return your call.

To adopt an animal the applicant must provide a valid photo ID. 

The State of Texas does require that an animal adopted from an animal shelter be sterilized per Texas Health and Safety Code, Section 828.001 through 828.013. If the adopter fails to comply with the animal sterilization it can result in a fine not to exceed $500.00 and/or seizure of said animal.

The State of Texas also requires the animal to be vaccinated against Rabies per Texas Health and Safety Code, Section 826.001 through 826.055. If the adopter fails to comply, they can be charged with a criminal offense punishable as a Class C Misdemeanor. 

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Looking for a dog?
Looking for a cat?

Animal Problems?
Complaints After Hours:

Animal Control does not pick up animals after 5:00 pm unless it is deemed an emergency.

Below is an approved list of emergencies that Animal Control will respond to.

Animal Bites
Dogs or cats hit by a car that is still alive
Wild animals endangering a person
Animals that are dead on public streets
Skunks (During Daylight Hours)
Suspected rabid animals
Bats (During Daylight Hours)
Aggressive animals that are endangering other animals or persons
Snakes (Not Including Grass Snakes)
If an Officer has determined cruelty to a animal
An animal that is needing to be impounded do to an arrest or seizure by the Police Department

If you have a situation that meets one of the above listed criteria, and it is after normal business hours please contact the Lake Worth Police Department at  (817) 237-1224.

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Owner Release

The Animal Control Department does allow a resident of the City of Lake Worth to release an animal to the Animal Control Department.  An animal that is released to the City cannot have bitten a person or another animal causing bodily injury in the past 10 days.  By releasing an animal to the Animal Control Officer the owner is giving the City of Lake Worth the permission to adopt, foster, or humanely destroy the said animal.

The appropriate paper work must be filled out and signed by the owner of the animal.  Valid photo ID and $25.00 surrender fee for each animal is required to release an animal to the Animal Control Officer.

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Lost Your Pet?

Your lost pet may be at the City of Lake Worth Animal Shelter.
For more information call

(817) 238-8738

Your animal could also be at one of the surrounding area animal shelters.

The following are further tips to help you find your lost pet:

RULE 1: Stay Calm

When a pet becomes lost or separated from his/her family, it can be a traumatic experience for both the family and the pet.  STAY CALM! If you see your pet, bend down into a squatting position and call him. He is more likely to come to you in this position.

RULE 2: Start at the Animal Shelters

Someone may see your pet and report it to the Animal Control Department.  Pets are held for three full days once they are impounded. Plan on coming to the shelter about every other day. For more information call the Lake Worth Animal Control on (817) 238-8738.

Click here to find phone numbers to the surrounding area animal shelters.

The shelter receives several animals every day and it can be hard to remember every one. Your description of your pet may not be the same as the lost pet section of the shelter, so it is important that you look through the shelter. Dogs and cats don't think twice about crossing from one city to another. Most dogs can run at a steady pace of about 10-15 miles per hour, so it won’t take long for a dog to go a long distance. Keep checking each animal shelter every other day. Don’t give up easily.

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RULE 3: Contact Your Neighbors

Go door to door and let your neighbor know that your pet is lost and you are looking for him/her.  Don’t forget the children.  Children are out in the neighborhood more than adults, so they can be very helpful.

Contact the newspaper – Place a lost pet ad.  If you offer a reward, do not advertise the amount.  Remember that the ad will not appear until the next day.

Widen your search – Some other people to notify include your mail carrier, neighborhood watch captain, school crossing guard, neighborhood police officer, and paper carrier.

Post a notice – Your poster should include a picture of the pet and description including color and size.  If you have a purebred pet and no photo, look at the library for a picture of a similar pet.  Place posters in neighborhood gathering places such as: grocery stores, laundry mats, veterinary offices, libraries, and schools.  But Remember Get Permission First!

Was your pet wearing its city license tag? – Every day pets find their way home because their owners attached license tags to their collars, and this required in the City of Lake Worth.

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City Tags

Animals are required to be registered in the City of Lake Worth. To obtain a City Tag the owner must show proof of rabies vaccination and pay a $3.00 fee for a one year license and $6.00 for a 3 year license. The owner will then receive a city tag and a certificate.      

The City of Lake Worth requires an animal to wear both City Tag and Rabies Vaccination at all times. Failure to do so will result in citations being issued to the owner.

Further information is available at the following link:

Animal Control Ordinance (Chapter 2 Lake Worth Code of Ordinances)

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Be A Responsible Owner

In the United States, 2,000 pets an hour have to be euthanized... Please Help stop these unnecessary deaths by being a responsible pet owner!

1.  Select the right pet.
       Selecting the right pet is the first and most important step.
       The “wrong” pet makes for an unhappy owner.
       Consider your lifestyle: do you have the time and energy to give your pet enough attention and exercise?
 2.  Spay and neuter your pet.
       Prevents unwanted pets.
       Prevents problems for you.
       Prevents cancer and other diseases.
       Makes pets calmer, more content.
       Reduces spotting or spraying problems, and
       Discourages roaming and fighting.
 3.  Use proper identification.
       The rabies identification tag is your pet's “free phone call home!”
       The law requires that all pets wear rabies tags.
       The most common reason pets are not found: NO Identification!
       A frequent excuse for missing tags – “We just gave our pet a bath…”
4.  What you – and only you – can do for your pet…
       Provide proper training.
       Confine dogs to your home or in a fenced yard.
       Keep cats indoors.

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